Descrição: This house tune creates some really nice summer vibes. With its catchy piano riff and pumping pads it's perfect for every production that needs that extra clubby/dance atmosphere.

Descrição: This is a cheerful and joyful orchestral Christmas tune composed for the winter and holiday season. It is packed with awesome strings, fanfare trumpets, majestic horns, trombones, snare drums, a nice choir and of course the obligatory bells, glockenspiel, celesta and harp sounds that define the ultimate Santa sound. Perfect for every project that needs merry music for the best time of the year.

Descrição: This is a real dancefloor destroying Dubstep monster. Full of immovable bass, irresistible groove and disorted Hammond organ sounds this tune will give you a good shake from top to bottom. A must-have for every production in need of modern, up to date club music.

Descrição: This gritty tune creates a very dark and disturbing atmosphere. It's driven by orchestral strings, a deep bassline and massive Daiko drums. Perfect for every movie/game production to keep it in suspense.

Descrição: This is a Dubstep tune paired with some nice House and Complextro elements. Packed with seventh chords synths, a powerful bassline, driving leads and a cool 8-bit melody, this banger will boost your current project to the next level. Perfect for fashion and club promos that need an up to date sound.

Descrição: This is a banging Swedish House tune with awesome synth stacks, grooving pick basslines and mesmerizing beats. Progressive up to date sound, celebrated in clubs and on top 100 radio shows all over the globe at the moment. Fire in the hole!

Descrição: This is a real uplifting Trancer with a very long and complex buildup. Atmospheric strings, pads, fast sequences, wonderful pluck sounds and many stereo effects lead to a huge and epic main part.

Descrição: Screaming square leads, distorted drums, rave-style synth stabs and a booming bassline make this gritty Electro House tune a big room destroyer. Download the preview for your current project, it could become the musical powerhouse behind your creative work.

Descrição: This is a collaboration with super talented Christian singer/songwriter Tanner Azzinnaro. Its a house/dance tune with radio-pop-like elements like Acoustic and Bass Guitars, Piano and String Chords and some driving Synthesizer sounds. Perfect for every modern production that needs an up to date sound with amazing vocals. Mastered at The Exchange, UK @ 133.7 BPM :)!

Descrição: Classy dance tune packed with groovy house beats, a driving bassline, strings and some crazy fx sounds. Awesome intro where the lead melody is played before the first kick drops. Enjoy the shuffling snares!

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