Descrição: Heavenly Guitar is a beautiful, calm and uplifting track created with electric guitar only using software guitar processor. Track is pretty experimental. Whole music is based on single harmony but melody in spite of this very diverse, ornate and modulating. The mood is romantic, contemplative, a little bit melancholic. Best suit for serene pictures of nature

Descrição: Guitar arena grande sonho grande espaço

Descrição: guitar riff rock alternative

Descrição: trippy experimental rock groove melting

Descrição: Optimistic rock music with heavy guitars and bass, with techno beat and keyboards. Suitable for dancing, singing and sports video games.

Descrição: An uplifting unique industrial rock song sure to send chills down the listener's spine

Descrição: A very short ensemble piece including drums, a hammond organ, and guitar performing an original composition instrumental that has a creepy vibe that ends abruptly

Descrição: cacophony I is a live recording of a buddy and I playing an idea we have been working on, strictly instrumental, a few main ideas, pretty predictable and contemplative rock that tightens up into riffgasm

Descrição: An instrumental rock track with psychedelic and classic rock qualities. For fans of Pink Floyd.

Descrição: The track features ambient textures and pads, and a combination of Acoustic Guitar and both clean and overdriven Electric Guitar.