Descrição: gota d riff de guitarra de metal - o ritmo de condução. Royalty Free Music e Música para Stock Creative Audio Visual Projetos incluindo o YouTube, TV, Cinema, PowerPoint, Flash, e todos os meios.

Descrição: At over 34 minutes, Battle of Egos is also a fairly lengthy EP release, so it's a great value when one considers the generally high level of compositional talent exhibited by this artist. Each of the tracks are memorable and interesting enough to warrant numerous repeat listens The songs starts tight with a groove riff that opens up as time goes by! Fast energetic, dark , its ideal for fight scenes. In the middle of the song there is a breakdown with fast double bass. The song ends with a dramatic riff that has a victorious feel Lyrics The flesh of innocence, the flesh of Innocence is seared The deeds of my other me are soon to be Revealed When the fires of lust will touch my soul and engulf me in their madness The bond between he and me will be forever broken The stream of life unveils again Just waiting, let's pray to all those (that) we are afraid of Devastated, too blind to see, tasting the dark This is your future, the future of your lies Embrace now your deepest sin And though you touch the silence, your screams tear up the sky Of your sleeping dreams and your desires inside Wake again and cleanse your former self This is your truth that you yearned for it all this time Die again and relieve me from this life Brain sight jumps out of wisdom (and saws) A passion dressed in dust, Night meets the day and a shining, like fire's following this path, And gives the color in the dark, to my Shattered rotten heart Feel my sorrow and feel my wrath, this side of your mind you should have left untouched Feel my madness and feel my lust, the door is open relentless is your past This is your future, the future of your lies Embrace now your deepest sin.

Descrição: A Heavy - Power - Progressive Song with Various Tempo Changes, an Acoustic Part in The middle and an Epic Ending! NO Vocals Included. Taken from the "Battle of Egos" EP

Descrição: A Heavy and Progressive Metal Song With Powerful Riffs and Various Tempo Changes! NO Vocals Included. Taken from the "Battle of Egos" EP

Descrição: A very cool metal track with great guitar melodies and rockin' drums.

Descrição: Rock guitarra agressiva elétrica escuro energética poderoso

Descrição: Powerful and energetic Heavy Metal musical composition, ideal sound for films, presentations, video and video games, also other projects.

Descrição: Original Title: Fight For Survival Powerful, energetic and driving modern metal for your video, audio collections and other projects. Thanks for listening!

Descrição: A very fast and energetic metal track with blazing guitars and heavy drums.



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