Descrição: If you're moving slow, stick right, cuz we're rolling in the ""Fast Lane"". This mid tempo Hip Hop/ Rap track kicks off with solo vocal and big synth bass leading to an infectious simple chorus at :48. The track then breaks into another verse and another featured rap artist, with a more broken-up style, along with vocal adlibs. The chorus reappears at 2:00 and takes us out with big car skid and crash FX. Version - No Vocals 60 Second

Descrição: ""We're gonna take you to The Trap"" in this track, with big beats, changing rhythms, horn samples and low synth melodies. The chorus kicks it off with lead vocals interspersed with group vocals and breaths. The verse comes in at :24 with a broken down rhythm and no bass melody, then breaks down at :48, eliminating most of the loops before a big synth swell jumps into the chorus. Verse 2 comes in at 1:36, this time without a breakdown, and leads into the final chorus at 2:00. Version - No Vocals

Descrição: This up-tempo Hip Hop/ Rap tracks gives a little taste of the chorus at the very front, with a synth melody and perc synth over syncopated beats. It quickly jumps into a verse at :08, dropping the perc synth and simplifying the rhythm. The chorus comes back in at :25, adding breathy vocals underneath. The second verse comes in at :43 with a new rapper taking the lead, while two rappers split the last verse at 1:16 leading to the final chorus. Version - No Vocals

Descrição: A medium-slow Hip Hop track about the pressures of the world, leading off with the chorus, made up by perc synths, drum loops, guitar and indigenous flute covered by group vocals. The verse comes in at :20 with a change in the rhythm and omitting the guitar loop, eventually evolving to the chorus at :41. The second verse chorus/ combo repeats at 1:00, then leads to a breakdown section at 1:41, moving to an outro chorus. Version - No Vocals

Descrição: Big beats, strings, and hooky synth lines make up the chorus of this mid-tempo Hip Hop/ Rap track, with a vocal sound similar to Mims, and ""come on"" background vocals. The verse comes in at :23, with the low synth dropping out. The chorus repeats at :47 along with the low synth. The verse reappears at 1:10 with the chorus leading out. Version - No Vocals

Descrição: A mid-tempo Hip Hop track complete with 808 and synth vocal FX about hooking up in the club, starting out with the hooky chorus. The verse sets up the club like a stakeout at :20, with the Rapper in pursuit and his ""backup squad"" close behind. The chorus takes over at :50, adding back the vocal FX and high synth. The second verse strips it back down at 1:11, with lyrics about why he's the man to be with. . Version - No Vocals

Descrição: It's all about the party after the party in this up-tempo Hip Hop/ Rap track. Female vocals sing the hook with male vocal raps interspersed in the chorus. The verse jumps in at :20 with perc synths and syncopated beats leading to the chorus at :49 with added strings taking over the accented rhythms. We go to ""the club"" and back to ""the crib"" in the second verse at 1:09, with the chorus coming back in at 1:28. Version - No Vocals

Descrição: The clock is tickin' in this Rap track with big beats and descending synth lines. The chorus starts it all, leading to a stripped down verse at :21. The chorus returns with the high synth added at :43 and vocal adlibs behind the lead. The Rapper talks about making the most of time in the second verse at 1:04, then jumps to the chorus again at 1:26 to the end. Version - No Vocals

Descrição: Operatic vocals, low bass and dark synth create an urban feel with the chorus setting this Hip Hop track in motion. The verse drops at :21 with lyrics talking about ""pimped out rides"", leaving out the big synth melody, leading to a repeat of the chorus at :41. The next verse takes over at 1:02 with more description about the cars he's rollin' in with another chorus following. The verse/ chorus cycle repeats once more, ""Ridin'"" no matter where he is. Version - No Vocals

Descrição: A gang vocal chorus raps about the hard life while loops, synths and flute fills make up the sparse, dark vibe. The verse comes in at :35, minus the pulse synth and the flute fills, leading to a repeat of the chorus at :59. At 1:23, the verse repeats and is capped with the final chorus at 1:47. Version - No Vocals

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