Descrição: Exciting, giant ending, opera, orchestral, male vocal

Descrição: Lights, Camera, Action, old west, scenic, panoramic, broad, picturesque

Descrição: Dark longing, heartbreak, opera, classical with male vocal

Descrição: Down and Dirty, depression era feel, sassy solos

Descrição: Inspirational, noble, film, choir, main title theme, movie thematic

Descrição: Classic disco feel, late 70's, tv pop orchestra, upbeat

Descrição: Big Band, Swinging, Fast, Jazz, Drums, WWII, 1940s, Traditional, Novelty

Descrição: Reality vocal, wobble lead, big drops, swedish, mashed up

Descrição: Classic cartoon spy theme, mysterious, light, wistful, silly inspector, film, animation

Descrição: Lights, Camera, Action, dark, orchestral, nature, action, ominous, tension, suspense

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