Descrição: Uplifting and happy pop rock, featuring catchy electric guitars and backed by driving beats and melodic pop synth lines. Perfect for modern corporate, business, educational and sporting video projects.

Descrição: A positive and inspirational piece featuring piano, strings, glockenspiel and electric guitars. Perfect for professional business and corporate presentations, videos, commercials and documentaries

Descrição: An upbeat, modern and fun track featuring ukulele, catchy piano, hand claps, glockenspiel and a bouncy marimba backing. Ideal for commercial and business videos, YouTube videos, or in productions aimed at children.

Descrição: An uplifting and positive indie pop rock track, featuring catchy rhythm guitars, modern pop synth melodies and grooving bass and beats. Perfect to add a bit of indie sunshine to videos, YouTube videos, commercials and other presentations.

Descrição: An inspirational and optimistic track with a modern sound, featuring a soft piano opening, electric guitars, synth textures, strings and a steady beat. Perfect or use within video projects, TV or commercials and YouTube videos.

Descrição: A massive and highly versatile melodic dubstep track, making it ideal for use on YouTube, commercials, sport, documentaries and even corporate and business videos. Features powerful synths, big and brutal bass sounds, upfront dubstep beats, delayed electric guitar arpeggio backing, vocal textures and a euphoric drop.

Descrição: An epic, powerful and cutting edge crossover dubstep track, featuring expansive synths and textures, glitch beats, ripping leads, brutal bass sounds and guitar and piano accompaniments. Perfect for a wide range of applications such as YouTube, gaming videos, film, animation, sporting and documentary projects.

Descrição: Fresh, modern and uplifting melodic dubstep / chillstep, featuring expansive synths and textures, piano melodies, chopped beats and brutal bass sounds. Perfect for use within YouTube and video projects, or anything that needs a dynamic and cutting edge background.

Descrição: An upbeat, optimistic and fun track featuring ukulele, acoustic guitar, piano, and catchy glockenspiel, making it ideal for YouTube videos, vloggers, beauty gurus, cat videos, commercial, corporate use and much more.

Descrição: Positivo e edificante rock pop, com piano, cordas e guitarras elétricas, apoiadas por uma batida moderna e estável. Perfeito para negócios corporativos, ou esportivos projetos.

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